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Enjoy the taste of Dakin's Buttermilk Whole Milk. Made from Grade A milk, it is a great source of calcium. Our Whole Buttermilk is pasteurized, homogenized, and has added Vitamin A and D. Use it for cooking, baking, marinating, and much more. Buttermilk Whole Milk has added cultures that move the flavor in a rich direction similar to sour cream. Buttermilk Whole Milk brings a pleasant tang to cakes, breads, biscuits and other family favorites while adding very little fat.

DID YOU KNOW? Using Buttermilk Whole Milk in your recipes will give your baked goods a softer texture and more body. Plus, it helps quick breads rise. Unlike other brands, Dakin's Buttermilk Whole Milk is naturally delicious and never contains additives for flavor or color.

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