Culinary Emotion

Emotion - is a very interesting thing. With it we can express feelings, passion, excitement, beyond many other states of mind. It is mostly impossible to fake and can be very contagious. Take an artist for example, lets say a popular singer, just name your favorite - they can fill entire stadiums and project their waves of emotions so that thousands of people could infect themselves with a reflection of their own emotion as if it was seen from the artists' point of view. It is at this point when a consumer of this emotion can tell without a doubt: "I like this". Imagine when this emotion is reflected even stronger, the response will then be: "I love it. And I want more". As an artist, you can imagine yourself to be quite tired projecting your emotions for a couple of hours, and wondering after your performance if your audience enjoyed it. That is - did they reflect their own versions of emotion? Hopefully everyone said at least: "I like it".


Now imagine this - we need food and water to maintain life, both are our most important commodities we must locate each and every day around the same time. Of course most of our nourishment is prepared, by someone. Hopefully this someone who prepares your food is not a machine. Unfortunately, mass-production happens to be the case with a lot of our nourishment, which is quite sad. And sadness is a very negative emotion which inevitably will be projected inside of those who consume it. No matter all the nutritional value and decadent packaging or presentation, even if the food is delicious, the emotions that delivered it from being separate ingredients to a complete dish sitting on a table waiting for you to consume it must be asking the same question as the artist after a performance: "do they like it?"


When food is prepared with passion and soul, all related emotions are delivered right inside of that recipe, on top of a plate, at the table. Emotions can control our lives more than we can imagine, and food is most necessary and recurrent event that can deliver positive emotions inside of our bodies and minds. Hopefully you genuinely get to say at least: "I like it" and able to receive that projection of soul and excitement that the preparer intended for you. Hopefully, you get to appreciate the effort that someone preparing this food or performance has invested into you. All the preparation, time and related work, spent emotions hopefully result in a nutritional and emotional satisfaction, reflecting positive and genuine emotion.


Can absence of emotion from processed or even prepared foods be a cause for nutrition related disease? In my opinion, why can it not? Why would you waste your time on some emotionless artist whos performance does not reflect anything positive, or neutral at best? That's right, it would be boring. So is it possible that the most memorable and delicious moments at the table are a result of positively charged emotional input by all of those who prepared it? I think it might. With such important part to our lives, if food is delivered to us with positively charged emotions we will benefit not only from its nutritional value but also emotional value. So lets appreciate not only the Nutritional Facts on what we consume, but also Emotional Facts.


Thank You for reading.