Hungarian Heritage Beyond Borders

Hungarian traditions and culture go well beyond current borders. Many of nearby regions once used to be a part of Hungary. I have had several opportunities to travel through these regions over the years. Although much time has passed since the country was divided and cities have been renamed to match the local and official languages, people have still managed to maintain their traditions. The Hungarian population has managed to keep village, town and city signs in Hungarian for hundreds of kilometers into what's now another country. At first sight, driving through these villages, you can immediately sense that these signs aren't just meaningless plates with letters, they're reminders to everyone that the Hungarian culture and authenticity endures, and is there to stay, unable to be erased by geopolitical decisions. It's apparent that the Hungarian character is strong and determined, with cultural values set at highest possible level.


Today, individuals of Hungarian heritage may hold a myriad of different points of view, and why wouldn't they? Hungary itself is incredibly diverse, with various regions, traditions and even linguistic dialects. However, there are certain things that unite all of us; whether you were born there, have relatives or ever lived there. Hungarian traditions, character, authenticity, and all of the ethnology welcomes anyone willing to accept them. When you express authentic curiosity towards Hungary, it becomes incredibly easy to consume, appreciate and understand. This genuine curiosity might even help you learn the language, which is considered to be one of the hardest in the world. Believe me, I did.

At Vernona, thousands of miles away from Hungary, and on a different continent, we are ready to show you what Hungary is all about. It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, Hungarian hospitality and traditions along with the rest of the values are here for everyone to experience.