Romantic Evening

Valentines Day is long gone, but why not do something romantic anyway?


Here is a romantic idea - go to Budapest for dinner! Yeah, actual trip would be nice, but it takes a long trans-atlantic flight and last time I checked airline tickets were very expensive. So we will use as much imagination, creativity and culinary experience as possible.


Here is a plan that goes well will the idea:

  1. Order flowers and have them sent to our restaurant. We will store them securely and secretly until you arrive with your party.
  2. We have already taken care of flying wine from Hungary, so your bottle will be pre-chilled and ready, just let us know if you like red or white.
  3. Focus on your romance, not the menu. We have "Prix-Fixe"-ed it for you. When you're on your 2nd glass of wine and ate your Pogácsa (Po-gah-cha), we will bring your platter of Hungarian dinner. Schnitzel, Fried Cheese with Mashed Potatoes and Risotto, Mixed Greens carefully arranged on a plate enough for both of you.
  4. Do not eat everything on this huge plate, you wont be able to anyway. We will pack it for you while you're taking your time on this romantic vacation. Enjoy your dessert selection paired with whatever is left of your wine. Well if you finished your bottle, no worries, we got you covered with another one to wash down the desserts. Chances are, you will be going home with a box full of food and three quarters bottle full of wine. Oh and don't forget your flowers. 
  5. Be responsible, get an uber or a designated driver, this much wine can get you in trouble and that is a sure way to ruin this awesome evening. We have plenty of parking, and its free, so no worries, your car will be safe in our parking lot.
  6. When home, continue the evening. Your journey to Hungary is not quite over, you got plenty of food and wine. Go wherever your imagination and love takes you. Fly safely, and see you soon!